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Avocado Toast

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Toasted Turkey Club

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Picnics on the Go!

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Fresh Fruit Smoothies

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Life is a Picnic!

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Health Bowls

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Kapahulu Location

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Salads To Go

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Catered Breakfast Wraps


Park Shore Hotel
2586 Kalakaua Avenue
Honolulu, Hawaii 96815

(808) 922-0099

Hyatt Regency Waikiki
2424 Kalakaua Avenue
Honolulu, Hawaii 96815

(808) 922-2088


About Us

Hawaii-owned Tucker and Bevvy is spicing up it's food business by partnering with Whole Foods Market.  The Waikiki fast-casual eatery has been supplying prepared foods to all Oahu Whole Foods locations since December 2018.  This partnership represents a major expansion into the local wholesale market for Tucker and Bevvy, proudly run by Honolulu native Cecily Ho Sargent.

After creating three successful restaurants in their 17 years living in Sydney, Cecily and her Australian husband Tony returned home to open their first store in Waikiki in 2013.  Inspired by Australian beachside cafes, Tucker and Bevvy serves fresh salads, sandwiches, wraps, smoothies and cold pressed juices.

"It's our mission to provide the very best food with simple, straight forward and clean ingredients.  Our emphasis is on unprocessed real food.  We source local and organic produce and choose ingredients that are free of chemicals, preservatives, dyes and nitrates.  We also use non-GMO oils, and our sandwich breads do not contain refined sugars or bleached flours.  All this makes the shelf life of our products shorter, but much fresher."

Tucker and Bevvy offers many vegan and gluten free options and we are looking at the way people are eating, so will have keto and paleo options coming soon.

Please come in and visit us at our two Tucker and Bevvy Picnic loations in Waikiki or contact us at Tucker and Bevvy to discuss our wide variety of catering menus, or wholesale opportunities.

Mahalo for your support,

Cecily & Tony